• Comics' Choice Awards

2019 Voting is Now Open

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Dear talented, hilarious human

Thank you for registering, that’s awesome. I know it was a load of admin, but it is totally worth it, because now the real fun starts. 

From today you can vote for whoever you like, and they can vote for you too.. it’s really easy and won’t take long, but don’t rush it - who you choose is super important. 

Okay, love you, got to go - follow the steps below and you’ll see- easy peasy 


- Go onto www.comicschoice.com

- Click on PUBLIC VOTING. You will now be able to see all the registered comedians in this category. 

- Click on VOTE NOW. Complete the required fields and cast your votes. 50 votes per email address/contact number. T’s & C’s apply.


- Go onto www.comicschoice.com


- Login by entering your username and password that you used when you registered. Your username is your email. If you have forgotten your password, Click on the “ Forgot Password” and put in your email address. You’ll be sent a link to reset your password. (Check your junk folder - sometimes the mail goes there.) 

- You will now be on the welcome page. Click VOTE

- Look through the ALL of the registered comedians in each category and award your 3 medals (GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE) 🥇🥈🥉per category.

**We have added in a summary bar where you can see/keep tab of who you have voted for in that category; OR if you chose not to vote in the category, you can select “skip the category” as well as a “Search” function, if you want to quickly search the name of a comedian you would like to vote for, without having to scroll through all of the selection** 

- Once you have done your voting, you will be able to SAVE & CONTINUE.

**Please bear in mind, once you select Save & Continue, you will not be able to change your votes in that category, so if you’re undecided at the time, rather select the “Save & Continue Later” Option. 

This will allow you to complete once you have made a decision.

- If you're in the middle of voting and life happens, don't be alarmed - you can come back and vote later. Just click on SAVE & CONTINUE LATER. 

- Once you have completed voting in all categories you will be directed onto the home page where you will see a full summary of your votes. You are done 


* You will not see your own profile when you log in, as you cannot vote for yourself

* Once you have finalised your votes you won't be allowed to change your votes - so make sure you are sold before you lock your votes down.

* Only those registered in the Comics Pen & Native Tongue award category are allowed to vote in this category 

* Non-comedians are eligible to vote but only in the category that they are registered in 

* Audience Choice category is only open to registered comedians in South African and Africa - Non-comedians are not eligible for this category,

If you have trouble or need more clarity,

kindly contact us on info@comicschoice.com