• Comics' Choice Awards


A word from Waldo:

“Dear South Africa,

I know you’ve been down. Your boss doesn’t seem to be taking his job very seriously, your money has run off to join the circus and you guys just don’t seem to love each other like you used to.

Don’t worry. I had a word with a whole bunch of comedians and they’re going to get together and do something. That’s right, they’ve also had enough, but they’re going to help me make all of you feel better. Keen?


Imagine a bank that didn’t cost you anything. That you could make a withdrawal from anytime you like. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No bank charges. No limits. No repayments. No penalties. Would that make you feel good? It should.

Imagine a bank where no matter how little you put in, you could take out as much as you like. In fact, they encourage you to take more than you ask for.

The Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards is proud to present the First Laughter Bank. Ta-daah! [Sighs and the sound of people fainting] That’s right, South Africa, a bank of laughter where happiness goes to multiply — and its sooo easy:

  1. Video record yourself and or your friends or strangers laughing — any kind of laugh — it doesn’t matter;

  2. Go to www.facebook.com/sa.comics.choice.awards and post your laughter;

  3. The Savanna First Laughter Bankers will add your laughter to the bank, along with all the other laughter deposits;

  4. You can come back anytime you like and listen to as much laughter as you like. Better still, put it on speaker and listen in with all your friends; see if any of you can withstand the power of sheer happiness without feeling some yourself;

  5. As more people bank laughter, more is available;

  6. A happiness chain reaction is triggered and we change the world.

Come on South Africa – for the love of laughter, let’s do something.

Love you

Waldo (the guy that the awards are shaped like)

Key dates and award categories

The awards kick off on Wednesday 9 May when voting opens. On 6 July the nominees will be announced. The awards show will be held at the Teatro at Montecasino on Saturday 3 September.

This year top comedian and TV director, Rob van Vuuren takes the helm to direct what will no doubt be another hilarious variety show made up of sketches, stand-up, impressionists, celebrity performances, choreography and witty one liners delivered by SA’s top comedians.

Last year two new award categories were introduced and new for 2016 is The Breakthrough Award – awarded to any act in any category who has made a breakthrough during the course of the last 12 months.

The other categories are:

The Savanna Newcomer Comic

The Intermediate Comic

The Comics’ Pen Award

The Comic Of The Year

The Lifetime Achiever Award

The Flying Solo Comic Award

The Non-English Comic Award (introduced in 2015)

Best Friend of Comedy (introduced in 2015)

The Savanna Audience Choice Comic (the only category in which the public is able to vote).

This is the fifth year that Savanna has partnered with the awards and the brand remains committed to supporting local comedy.

For information on SA’s premier comedy awards event to be held on 3 September at the Teatro at Montecasino, visit comicschoice.com


Event Information: Event Info: www.comicschoice.com Email: info@www.comicschoice.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sa.comics.choice.awards Twitter: @ComicsChoice