**Please kindly note: the Savanna CCA’s will forego the “Grilling of A Lifetime”

**Please kindly note: out of love and respect for an icon in our industry – and his family, the Savanna CCA’s will forego the “Grilling of A Lifetime” performance and honor Cyril at the main awards show on Sept 9th 2017.

Dear everyone,

Normally, the Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards is a happy place. Every now and then, though, we need to use our tears for other stuff. 

Mum says that Uncle Cyril auditioned for heaven last week, and he got the part. Even though we’re glad to have shared the world with him, it’s hard to see him go. 

He did so much for everyone in comedy. In some ways, he wasn’t like other comedians. He was never selfish, he wasn’t unkind and he was really, really funny. His jokes were long and winding. Mum says they had perfect timing. 

The day I met him, he told one, and I’m still laughing inside.

When they told him everyone voted for him to win, he held me tight and said “hello, my darling…” as if he’d been expecting me.

I hope that when he gets to heaven,  the angel who MC’s will say – “here’s a man who has never really died, folks, your headline act… please welcome Cyril Green.’

Bye bye, Uncle Cyril – I’m so glad you knew we voted for you to be a Lifetime Achiever before you did your bow.

Thank you for everything you did for all the funny people.

All the love we have,

Waldo. (7 years old)