The 10th Annual Comics’ Choice Awards® (“The Awards” / “CCA”) are being produced by Whacked Management. 


There are 11 Awards Categories as follows:  The Newcomer Of The Year; The Next Level; The Headliner Of The Year; The Comedy G; The Comic Of The Year; The Pan African Comic Of The Year; The Online Comedy Content; The Native Tongue;  The Standup Comedy Show ; The Best Friend Of Comedy and The Audience Choice Award. 


Registration of comedians and other participants for the awards takes place between 27th April 2020 and 31st March 2021.


The procedure for The Audience Choice Award & Public Voting is explained below.


The terms and conditions are as follows:


The 10th Annual Comics’ Choice Awards® relies on the integrity and honesty of performers in the submission of their details. Complaints or queries regarding the veracity of entrant’s details must be accompanied by proof of any wrongdoing and emailed through to info@comicschoice.com. Such information will be treated in confidence except where to conceal the source of information would impair the integrity of the Comics’ Choice Awards, the sponsor/s, media partners or industry. 


All *professional comedians who meet the criteria are eligible to vote in all categories, provided that they have supplied all compulsory information and completed the verification process required for registration.


*Professional meaning: comedians who have been paid for their service by another party, not self funded within the period of consideration (Before 27/04/2019)


*Period of consideration meaning: Refer to the period in which work has taken place relevant to the votes cast. This is not a fixed equal period across all categories and care should be taken to read relevant category criteria when participating. 



  1. All participants persons registering in the Comics’ Choice Awards must be 18 years of age or older.

  2. Should any person be found to have falsified any of the information set down in their registration application, they will be disqualified from participating until such time as they are able to supply the required information, and such information has been verified. In the event of falsified information being supplied, the registered comedians responsible for verifying the guilty party will be reviewed, and their registration may be reconsidered.

  3. No complaints, objections, queries or correspondence of any nature will be addressed, acknowledged or entertained unless submitted by a registered member of www.comicschoice.com. The Organisers decision in respect of any complaint, objection or query is final, although the organisers will endeavor to engage complainants while investigating.

  4. No person is permitted to operate more than one registration on www.comicschoice.com

  5. “Registered” refers to data being captured by the entrant; The status of the entrant is only made “active” once the entrants information has been verified and once made active, the entrant will be eligible to participate in voting.

  6. Active status on all registrations will deactivate when voting is closed.  

  7. By registering, active users accept the results of the awards reported by the system as accurate and final and no changes will be made.

  8. All nominees agree to make themselves available at reasonable times for publicity interviews, photo opportunities and press conferences and grant the media the right to use their name, image, likeness, photographs and biological details for the purpose of promoting the Awards.

  9. All registered users accept that their registration obliges them to be available on the night of the Main Awards. –Unless unforeseen circumstances prevent this but all registered participants agree to accept an award, should they be named as a winner.

  10. Newcomer Showcase Comedians refers to those artists who are invited to perform at the Newcomer Showcase activations, to be publicized, promoted, staged, photographed and filmed as part of the Comics’ Choice Awards program. 

  11. Newcomer Showcase Comedians, by applying to be invited to perform, consent to the use of their name, image and likeness in any such campaigns that may be designed and executed in the course of promoting African comedy to the consumer. 

  12. All registered users accept that their registration obliges them to be available on the night of the Main Awards. –Unless unforeseen circumstances prevent this but all registered participants agree to accept an award, should they be named as a winner.

  13. The sponsors are committed to promoting African comedy to the consumer, and have tasked various agencies to devise campaigns to leverage existing media assets such as, but not limited to, radio, outdoor, television, online and print inventory, activation mechanisms and packaging to do so. By registering, comedians’ consent to their likeness, image, voice, video or name being included in such promotion. 

  14. Only award nominees and recipients will be entitled to make use of Comics’ Choice Awards artwork for the relevant category as authorized by the Comics’ Choice Awards brand custodian. Unauthorized usage will be prosecuted.


  1. Voting in the Audience Choice Award will commence on the 03rd August 2020 at 08:00am and close on the 25th November 2020 at 24:00pm South African time, it will reopen with the Public Voting in all categories on the 09th December 2020 at 17:00 pm for the 5 nominees ONLY and then closes finally on the 26th February 2021. This includes the 5 nominees ONLY in the Audience Choice Award. 

  2. All votes must be received by the closing date and time. No votes received after the Voting line closes will be considered and any votes received after this date will be rejected automatically.

  3. Participants needs to click onto the designated url and submit their vote. Voting runs from 03rd August 2020 up to and including 26th February 2021 and may be extended without notice.

  4. Confirmation of your vote will be validated by a confirmation message sent to the specific MSISDN.

  5. In order to cast a vote you will require an internet connection, either mobile data or Wi-Fi access. 

  6. Recipients of awards will be announced at the Awards Event 

  7. Please visit  www.comicschoice.com for more details. 

  8. The organisers do not accept responsibility for votes lost, corrupted or delayed as a result of any network, hardware or software failure of any kind. Proof of sending of any vote will not be accepted as proof of receipt. 

  9. No entries from agents, third parties, organized groups or applications automatically generated by computer will be accepted.  

  10. There will be 5 (FIVE) Nominees in each category – The Five Top Comedians, with the most number of votes will be selected as the Nominees. Announcement of the 5 Nominees will be made on the Comics’ Choice Awards platforms on the 09th December 2020 at 11:00. 

  11. The Recipients of the awards will be the comedian/s with the highest, accumulated number of votes.

  12. By registering, the participants acknowledge that the Organiser/s are unable to, and are not required to, guarantee a particular result or set of results from either your participation in the voting or possible winnings. You indemnify the Organiser, Organiser’s agents, sponsors and other associated parties from any loss, damage, liability, claim, expenses, cost orders or demand which may arise as a result of your participation in the voting.

  13.  Nominees/ Winners need to make themselves available, wheverever reasonably possible for Comics’ Choice Awards Public Relations activities and possible campaigns linked to all award categories

All entrants in this promotional competition release Facebook/ or any other registered platform all liabilities and claims arising out of or in connection with this competition and these terms and conditions.